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Answers to Frequently Asked Property Owner  Questions

  • Will I need to contact different departments to discuss different questions about my property?
    Unlike other companies you will work with one dedicated property manager who will be your, and your property’s, champion throughout our entire relationship. Your property manager will know you and your property and they care about you. No more calling different departments for different questions!
  • Other than the management fee, what fees do you charge?
    No hidden fees. We do not charge extra fees for normal property management services. Other companies will charge you for leasing, managing maintenance, and even to hand your tenants some papers. Our all-in management fee includes all of the services of full-service property management.
  • My last company sent me a statement once per month but I felt they didn’t show me everything, what do you show me?
    We do not hide information about your rental property. Our systems are transparent so you can see what’s happening at your property. Your property manager will be in direct communication with you so you can ask any question you want and they will share it. (Rare legal exceptions apply.)
  • What is your leasing fee?
  • How much do you markup invoices from contractors?
  • What is your annual walk-through fee?
  • What is your termination fee?
    $0.00. If you aren’t happy with us cancel anytime without penalty.
  • I want to use my own contractors, am I able to?
    Yes, so long as your contractor is able to follow all fair housing guidelines, we are happy to allow you to use the contractor of your choice. If they do quality work at a fair price, we may even add them to our team of contractors. Have them call us!
  • Where are you headquartered? Which major real estate conglomerate owns you?
    Helios is headquartered in Phoenix and unlike most of the larger companies in the Valley we are independently owned and operated. We are not a franchise and we do not answer to a huge slow corporate behemoth. Helios is able to adapt to the market faster than anybody else because our ownership team (which includes our Designated Broker) is comprised exclusively of local real estate professionals.
  • Why don’t you add fees to the tenants like other companies?
    Like our clients, our tenants are a valuable part of the overall team. Tenants don’t benefit from monthly admin fees, “resident benefits packages” (which are really just fees for nothing), or other hidden fees. We believe that happy tenants are more likely to pay the rent on time, take good care of your property, and stay in the home for a long time. To help keep our tenants happy we don’t nickel and dime them with meaningless fees like other companies.
  • Why don’t you offer tenant guarantees?
    Tenant guarantees are really just another hidden fee. Consider the benefit clients get from these services. Most companies won’t charge you a second leasing fee if they have to replace a tenant and they call this a ‘tenant guarantee.’ At Helios we don’t charge you leasing fees at all so in a way we do guarantee our tenants like other companies and we don’t charge you the initial leasing fee.

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