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Realtor Referral Program

Earns $1000s by Referring Owner Clients HANG ON TO FUTURE SALES & GET A FINDER'S FEE

How Our Referral Program Works

Refer a Client to Us

Fill out the form below to start the referral process. We'll reach out to get the ball rolling. Be sure to let your client know to anticipate our call.

We Reach Out

After receiving the referral information, we'll review your client's needs and get in touch to outline the options available to them.

We Pay You

For every client who signs a contract with our team, we'll pay a referral fee: $500 per contract.

Why Refer Clients to Us?


Hold on to Your Real Estate Clients

Don't kiss potential sales goodbye forever. When you refer a client to us, we'll take care of the management needs of the property. If the client wants to sell in the future, we'll refer them back to you.

Eliminate Unnecessary Liability

Don't provide advice on complicated topics like insurance regulations, tenant law, and HOA requirements. Let us keep your client compliant and get rid of your liability, once and for all.

Everything Goes in Writing

When we partner with a new client, we create a detailed contract, which outlines the responsibilities and expectations of both parties. This is a simple way to keep us both protected.

You'll Come Across Looking Great

We understand how hard you've worked to build a solid reputation in real estate sales. We'll work hard to keep your client happy, and we'll make sure you come across looking great in the process.

Easily Boost Your Earnings

If your referral signs a new contract with our team, we'll pay you a fee of $500 for an owner client that signs up for management. There is no limit to how many commissions you can earn by partnering with Helios!

Refer a Client to Helios



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