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Rental Property Management
In Peoria, Arizona

We’re always here for you.

How We'll Help With Your
Peoria Property Management Needs


The key to advertising your rental is a comprehensive market analysis. This helps our clients to determine the best price to rent their units. We market properties on multiple rental platforms.  This helps to minimize vacancy times. Additionally, we collaborate with professional photographers to ensure our clients' rental units look pristine. 


We have a highly-efficient rent collection process. Our system is reliable because we have a great rapport with our clients' tenants. We continually foster strong relationships with both clients and their renters. We provide tenants with several options to pay rent. This minimizes late payments and protects your cash flow.


As part of our property management service, we inspect our clients' properties on an annual basis. Once inspections are completed, we provide clients with a detailed report which includes relevant images. This information significantly helps clients to address property-related issues and preserve their investment.


Selecting the best tenants for your property is paramount to your success as a landlord. Our thorough screening process sources qualified tenants for your property. We meticulously analyze prospective tenants' applications. This provides us with relevant information about each applicant before making a decision. 


We work with some of the most highly skilled contractors and tradesmen in Arizona. This ensures that all maintenance issues are promptly addressed. And we're not like our competitors. We don't mark up our invoices or charge you for service calls.  We genuinely care about maintaining your property.


Our team continues to develop strong relationships with our clients' tenants. By doing this, we obtain pertinent information about any occurrences at our clients' properties. This helps us to determine the best way to address specific issues. That's why our lease enforcement proceedings more efficient than our competitors.

What Sets Helios Apart from the Rest?

We Actually

Know Your Name

Our broker, Lance Brace, has always believed in continually fostering relationships in the property management industry. And our entire team shares this sentiment. We always make certain that we put our clients first. Our primary goal is to establish relationships built on honesty, transparency, and open communication.

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We're Highly Skilled Professionals

We've worked in the Arizona property management industry for over twenty years. During this time, our team of experts have experienced every aspect of the property management industry in varying marketing conditions. We've always achieved  superior results that are unmatched by our competitors.

At Helios, we provide you with the incomparable guidance that only an experienced team can provide. As landlords ourselves, we're suitably positioned to help you maximize your earning potential.

Our Reliable Systems and Processes

Unfortunately, it's common for property management companies to hide information from their clients and tenants. But not us! We make it our business to provide you with accurate and transparent information.  Our user-friendly online system provides clients with detailed reports. This assists them in making data informed decisions for their property. Additionally, our convenient accounting system is available in real-time. This allows clients to keep updated of their investments' financial health.


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Property Management Experts

Most companies in the industry try to juggle both real estate sales and property management. At Helios, our sole focus is property management. Because we understand just how valuable your property is to you. Our only objective is to successfully manage your property. And our outstanding track record demonstrates that we're fully prepared to serve you. Our team specializes in one field, residential property management. We only focus on residential property management to ensure we provide you with exceptional customer service.

Locally owned and operated

With the influx of large out-of-state property management companies, it's important for us to remain locally owned and operated. Our broker grew up in the East Valley and graduated from Highland High School. He attended Mesa Community College as well as Arizona State University.  We know the Valley on a much deeper level than any out-of-state owned company.  We're passionate about Arizona and we're here to stay.

We’re here to help

At Helios, we're property managers. But we're also humans who are filled with compassion and understanding.  We're here to help you even if you're not our client.  We often provide other landlords and property management companies with advice. Yes, you read that correctly. Our competitors come to us for help about difficult situations they're faced with. And that's because we're experts in the industry. We give them advice for free and without question. We're motivated to help others succeed.

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Why Hire The Rental Management Experts at Helios?


We're residential property management experts in Peoria, Arizona.  Our team is suitably positioned to help you maximize your ROI.


At Helios, all of our systems are streamlined. This significantly minimizes any opportunities for errors. It also helps clients to easily track payments and generate a steady cash flow. 

Peace of Mind

We know that your property is an investment. That's why we're here to help you to manage your property and avoid stress. Kick back and relax. We'll do the heavy lifting for you!

More About Helios and Our Property Management Approach


Helios was founded with one goal in mind -- to be the best property management company in the state of Arizona. For us, being the best means providing service to our clients that's unmatched by our competitors. Additionally, it means that we don't try to hide or include additional fees. We have one management fee and that's it. That fee includes all of the property management services that we offer. We're also committed to any promise we've made to our clients. If we say that we're going to do something, we go beyond the call of duty to make it happen. We care for your property as though it's our own. 


Being the best property managers in Arizona means that we don't shy away from difficult situations. As a matter of fact, it's quite the opposite! We love a challenge and we don't back down. We deal with situations that our competitors won't even think about doing. With over twenty years of experience, we've seen almost every property management issue you can think of. If an issue arises, never fear. We will find the solution that best suits your property. 


We understand that no two properties are the same. Similarly, no two clients are the same.  At Helios, we customize our services for each client and their investment. Our level of attention and professionalism is unmatched by any of our competitors.   


Our team is well-versed in the industry and motivated to help you succeed. We’re always here for you.

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